147 Pcs Balloon Pump KINBON Electric Portable Dual

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Perfect for Occassions

Great for party, wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation, Christmas, anniversary and any special celebration activity.

Take few time to decorate the party at home or anywhere you want.

come to organize an unforgettable party!








Size & Great Heat Dissipation

This product has several cooling meshes which was designed for maximum heat dissipation, perfect for prolonging working life. Despite this you also have to pause few minutes to allow the machine to cool down.

Extra Two Extension Nozzles

When you need to inflate the small balloon, you can pull out a small tips and screw it on the big inflation nozzle . It can be easy completed.

Fast, Efficient & Easy to Use

Simple and flexible operation on this balloon inflator, switch control inflation, classified as continuous and touch-on two patterns.


Safe and Effective to Use

The air pump uses an air-inflated ball so it is safe but the balloon cannot fly, not using potentially dangerous hydrogen or helium.

You can easily build balloon column and balloon arches .

Reduce the time required to set up balloon decoration activities.

Save balloon decoration costs .

NOTE : This is NOT a machine for helium or animal balloons.

Balloon Pump with Balloons – This set including 1 electric balloon pump, 115 colorful balloons, 2 tying tools, 20 flower clips, 5 colored ribbon, 10 meter tape strip, 10 meter dot glues(80 dot).
Double Pump Design – Dual nozzles with 2 inflation modes, you can push down mode to blow the balloon, or use the automatic mode to blow your balloon together, faster than manual hand pump and mouth.
Light wight – Portable and easily blower your balloons with this premium quality balloon air pumper, fast inflation rate and time saving for any occasion.
Decorations Helper – Fast decorate baby shower, wedding, birthday and other festival party , saving time to build balloon arch.
Note – This electric balloon pump fit to latex balloon and decorative balloon. Suggest you to pause few minutes when sustained use 15 minutes to allow the machine to cool down.

KINBON Balloon Pump is one of the best options available in the market. It is compact and lightweight and features dual nozzles for rapid inflation. It comes with 115 colorful balloons, two tying tools, 20 flower clips, 5 colored ribbon, a 10 meter tape strip, and 20 dot glues. This electric pump is also equipped with an inflator hose.

The KINBON Balloon Pump is equipped with a spring loaded push button for easy deployment and adjustment. It is compatible with all picatinny rails and is easy to use. The pump is durable and lightweight and is great for decorating parties and other events. It is made of high-quality latex, which means it is safe for left-handed people. It will blow up a balloon in a matter of seconds.

KINBON Balloon Pump comes with a complete balloon kit with 115 colorful balloons, two tying tools, and twenty flower clips. The electric pump works efficiently and safely. It is equipped with a handle and is designed for left-handed users. It will easily inflate a balloon in about three seconds. It is also easy to clean and is easy to store. With a manual pump, it would take you an hour or so to fill up a dozen balloons.

KINBON Balloon Pump comes with dual nozzles and has two different modes of inflation. The manual hole blowing mode will work faster than the automatic mode. The electric air compressor will work at a consistent rate. Unlike manual hand pumps, electric air pumps will inflate a balloon. You can also use the electric pump with a decorative balloon. Lastly, if you’re unable to blow up a balloon by hand, you can purchase an electric pump that will inflate a latex or plastic balloon.

With dual nozzles, the KINBON Balloon Pump is portable and easy to use. Moreover, it comes with two modes: manual hole blowing and automatic mode. It will automatically inflate a balloon in a matter of seconds. Compared to mouth-blown balloons, this pump can easily inflate a decorative one. A double nozzle pump is ideal for latex balloons, but you can also use a decorative one.

The electric balloon pump has dual nozzles and a battery-operated mode. It can inflate a latex balloon, or a latex balloon and a decorative one. The double nozzles are easy to use, so it’s a good option for decorating birthdays, weddings, and other special events. It’s also eco-friendly, since it uses less electricity.

The electric balloon pump is easy to use, as it comes with two modes for manual hole blowing or automatic mode. You can choose between manual and automatic operation. The electric pump will inflate a balloon in a matter of seconds. Its speed is more than twice that of a manual hand pump. It is an excellent choice for a party or any special celebration, and will make your guests happy.

The double balloon pump has dual nozzles for quick and adjustable inflation. The electric balloon pump comes with 2 tying tools and a 115-colorful balloon. It is lightweight and easy to use, and is ideal for decorating parties. You should use a latex balloon with this pump. If you are left-handed, you can use a left-handed version of the device. Its double nozzle allows for easier inflation.

This electric balloon pump is easy to use and comes with a wide range of features. It includes a set of tying tools and 20 flower clips. It is a handy gadget for balloon decorating parties. It has dual nozzles and a time-saving function. Its light weight and fast inflation rate make it ideal for traveling. If you are a left-handed person, you can also use the electric balloon pump with your right-handed friend.

The electric balloon air pump comes with dual nozzles. The Efficient Safety Pump allows you to use it without any problems. Its ETL-certified air pump takes 3 seconds to inflate a 12″ latex balloon. The electric KINBON Balloon Bump Electric Set contains 1 Electric and 115 colorful helium balloons. It also includes 13 “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” helium and two tying tools.