adekale Official Size 5 Volleyball,Waterproof Soft

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adekale Official Size 5 Volleyball,Waterproof Soft Indoor Outdoor Volleyball for Game Gym Training Beach Play
All-Age Volleyball Training Equipment: The standard size volleyball can be used both indoors and outdoors, for learning, training, and competition. It is a perfect gift ideal choice for all ages, also, from children to the elderly.
Durable Soft Volleyball: This volleyball with pump is resistant to wear and tear. It features damage-resistant soft materials, precisely stitched by machines to ensure even sewing. It maintains its inflation without leaking air.
Waterproof Beach Volleyball: The official size volleyball can survive an occasional dunk in the ocean, without taking on water and throwing off the weight. While playing the outdoor volleyball, with a couple of friends during vacation, Don’t have to worry about it being damaged. Just simply wipe the surface of it with a dry cloth and continue playing, prolonging the ball’s lifespan and adding years to your fun.
Inflation Level: For beach volleyball ball pressure, the inflation setting is set between 2.5 and 3.2 psi, versus up to around 6 for indoor play. This is because the softer surface of the sand requires less inflation to rebound efficiently. You can pump gas in or out according to your needs.
Attention: The volleyball is deflated – you need to inflate the ball, with any inflator with a pin attachment. Don’t worry if you can’t inflate, we will come with an instruction manual, you can easily master this skill.