Basic Equipment Used in Volleyball Shoes

Volleyball is a game that involves high-impact acrobatics and skills. Therefore, the three most important considerations point to the requirement for a skilled volleyball player to be well fitted with Volleyball equipment. This includes shoes, socks, shorts, helmet, basketball equipment, etc. A skilled player should also make sure that he is properly protected from head injuries, regardless of whether he is playing on an indoor court or on an outdoor court. Here are some aspects of Volleyball Equipment that a good player would need.

Volleyball Footwear

Every Volleyball player would need volleyball footwear that is comfortable to wear and that allows for maximum mobility. This would include both the shoes and the socks. Volleyball footwear includes a foot-bed that supports the ankle and keeps the heel away from injury. This feature is very important when playing Volleyball on concrete floors or on grass courts. The best Volleyball footwear includes a full set of basketball shoes, usually with a full width mid-calf cut, which offer maximum traction on all types of surfaces.

Gel-Rockets offer excellent traction for Volleyball footwear as they are made with a special blend of foam and rubber. There are also a full Carbon rubber outsole and Nylon upper. Some Volleyball players prefer the mesh style of gel Rockets because it allows for a high degree of breath-ability, which is an essential element when playing on hot days. Mesh is also very lightweight compared to some other Volleyball footwear models. Another popular Volleyball shoe model is the Nocona volleyball footwear line. Nocona offers advanced technology and designs for today’s demanding athlete.

The preferred footwear for Volleyball players are usually those that provide maximum comfort, support and stability. As most Volleyball players use their feet to execute powerful shots and spike the ball, comfort is an absolute requirement. Most professionals recommend running shoes or lightweight hiking boots for practicing and matches because running shoes will more properly protect your feet from damage caused by the bouncing of the ball. Lightweight running shoes will also enable you to move easily without feeling strained. For maximum comfort, consider purchasing a pair of Volleyball sneaker.

If you plan to play Volleyball, you need to have a good pair of Volleyball Shoes that will offer great traction and maximum comfort while allowing you to perform the movements necessary for a successful Volleyball match. Your footwear should include at least two outside layers depending on the type of Volleyball you are playing. The thickness of these layers will vary depending on the sport you are participating in. The best type of Volleyball Footwear to invest in is one that will allow for maximum performance regardless of the surface you play on. Most sports require some form of movement while performing various skills such as striking, jumping and blocking. Thus your footwear should be flexible and capable of facilitating those movements while providing adequate cushioning for your feet.

Another important part of a volleyball shoe is the midsole. A quality midsole will help support and stabilize your ankle while minimizing any potential movement during the game. A good quality midsole will also absorb any impact and force coming from the ground. Since basketball and volleyball involve lots of jumping, striking and blocking, a high quality midsole can eliminate most ankle sprains.

A third component of the footwear is the tongue, which provides additional protection from the elements while adding to its breath ability. The tongue is typically made of a material that is lightweight yet highly durable such as leather. This area is located on the side of the tongue near the back. This will provide superior traction for exceptional comfort when taking off and landing from a jump. Proper traction along the edges of the tongue will help prevent accidental sliding which will decrease unnecessary movement and add to the stability of the footwear.

The fourth essential feature in a volleyball shoes is the sole. The most commonly used element in a sole is the mesh insert. Mesh inserts give excellent traction and balance when using the shoe. A popular and effective mesh insert is the Performance Tip, which offers outstanding balance, traction and shock absorption. This feature allows the player to execute different movements while moving from side to side, backward and forth or performing acrobatic moves.