Benefits of Volleyball Protective Gear

Volleyball Protective Gear

Benefits of Volleyball Protective Gear

One of the most important protective gears in volleyball which supports and guards the lower legs is volleyball knee pads. They help in providing additional protection to the lower limbs. Knee pads also improve your overall comfort and provides you with more efficient shock absorption during practice or play. It also reduces the risk of knee injuries and sprains by absorbing lateral and forward force of the impact and turning out less jarring when you land.

Sportsmen are very careful when playing volleyball due to its high-risk nature. This game involves lots of twisting and bouncing and players often suffer from serious injuries. Injuries can range from sprains, fractures, muscle tear, cartilage damage, knee injury and more. All these injuries can completely change the way a player looks at his sports career. Hence it is very important to wear appropriate Volleyball Protective Gear like knee pad to minimize the risks of injuries.

Ankle Sprains. Sprains are the most common sports injury and occur in almost every sport that we play. Sprains occur when there is direct impact or sudden stretching or bending of the ligaments which are present between the bones and the muscles of the body. Usually sprains occur when there is direct contact with an object while jumping or falling. This can also happen while doing exercises like lunges. A sprained ankle can affect a person for the rest of one day up to one month but ankle sprains may cause sportsperson to miss the whole season.

Fractures are the second most common sports injuries with sportsman suffering from this injury can miss entire games. A fracture occurs when the bone becomes deformed due to intense sports activities. Sports people who play volleyball often experience severe bone stress which leads to the fracture. Volleyball protective gear not only reduces bone stress, it also protects the sportsperson from serious injuries that may arise during game time.

Memory Loss. Memory loss is one of the most serious problems that occurs in professional volleyball players. People get tired and fatigued easily. A sportsperson with memory loss can make wrong plays, make wrong decisions on the court, which may result in loss of game and even injury. A person wearing proper Volleyball Body protector will be able to have enough protection to prevent from any such unfortunate events.

Heat Stroke. Most sports persons are aware of the dangers of heat stroke during vigorous sports. Heat stroke can be very dangerous and even life threatening. Heat stroke may occur due to the lack of proper protection while playing volleyball. Proper sports gear like Volleyball Pants, Jackets and other garments provide the maximum level of protection to prevent heat stroke and keep you cool during the game. By wearing these protective gear before playing a volleyball match, sportspersons reduce chances of suffering from heat stroke and enjoy the game much more.

Muscular Injuries. Wearing proper sports protective gear arm sleeves can help reduce chances of sustaining any muscle injury during Volleyball. Sudden jerks, bends and other accidental contact with the ball can cause lots of injuries like strains, bruises and sprains. By wearing Volleyball padded arm sleeves before the start of a volleyball game, a sportsperson can prevent them from suffering from any such injury.

Easy to Wash and Clean. A sportsperson’s body can get very hot during game time. To avoid sweating, a sportsperson should wear correct Volleyball clothing. There are many manufacturers who design products especially for Volleyball and offer them at competitive prices. One popular kind of Volleyball protective gear is a breathable padded arm sleeve that easily wipes away moisture and sweat.