CROSSNET Four Square Volleyball Net and Game Set

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Product Description

Time spent with family and friends outdoors has never been more convenient thanks to the new CROSSNET FOUR SQUARE VOLLEYBALL NET. This innovative game allows you to get started in an exciting and rewarding sport, with just a net, a ball and a group of people. With this set you can play indoor or outdoor volleyball games and have fun in the privacy of your own home. It's easy to set up and tear down; no messy tools are needed!


CROSSNET designed a unique combination by combining outdoor and indoor volleyball rules into a fun competitive game; in which your team can ultimately win by two points. The net can be set up in different ways to fit your individual needs and preferences. All of the net components are constructed of durable high quality plastic and will withstand wear and tear from the weather. The CROSSNET volleyball net also includes three new pieces, a paddle and a ball, which makes the set perfect for teams with uneven flooring.

The paddle is attached to the bottom of the net so that it will remain balanced when the net is rolled up. The paddle features an extended handle so that it can be held comfortably. It also features a rubberized grip to provide ultimate grip. There is a hook for hooking balls into the net, and an extra hole at the top of the net so that the net can be placed on and off easily.

The net also includes an adjustable hook, so that you can adjust the angle of the net to accommodate your playing style. The hook is removable, so you don't need a special hook to change the net angle.

You can play indoor or outdoor CROSSNET FOUR SQUARE VOLLEYBALL NETS thanks to the adjustable net. The net is made with high quality fabric and includes a durable frame to make it resistant to fading and damage. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, and the net is assembled with high density foam that provides excellent stability and cushioning.

The corner net is also very lightweight and portable. This makes it easy to transport from location to location, and store when not in use. You don't have to worry about buying a large, heavy net, as the corner net can be easily rolled up and stored.

One of the most impressive aspects of this volleyball net is its ability to hold all types of balls. With an assortment of balls from the classic volleyball and basketball sizes to basketball sized balls, and even mini hoops and volleyball hoops you can find the size net that will work best for your individual needs.

The CROCUS is a great addition to any home or recreational team, and an affordable way to improve your team's overall physical fitness and coordination. The CROCUS volleyball net makes it easy to get started in an enjoyable and exciting outdoor sports activity!

For those who are serious about their volleyball and basketball skills, the CROCUS Volleyball Net offers outstanding value and great features. With the ability to change the net angle, to add a hook, and to add a variety of hoops, the CROCUS Volleyball Net is a great way to improve your overall game!

The CROCUS Volleyball Net has been thoroughly tested by professional coaches who use the net in all types of competitive environments. The net has proven to be one of the toughest net out there, and has been rated the best net available by numerous manufacturers. The net has earned the endorsement of NBA players such as Allen Iverson and Jason Kidd-Gilchrist! The CROCUS Volleyball Net is a great investment for any volleyball or basketball team, and is a great option for the volleyball or basketball player looking to improve their overall game.

The CROCUS Volleyball Net features a strong frame and a simple to assemble design. The CROCUS Volleyball Net also features a rubberized grip so that you do not need a special hook to adjust the net angle. For the ultimate in comfort and grip, the CROCUS Volleyball Net is lightweight and portable, making it easy to carry. You do not have to worry about finding the right size net, and about finding a place to store the net when not in use.

The CROCUS Volleyball Net is available at a low price and can provide a great workout when used indoors. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, you will enjoy using the CROCUS Volleyball Net!

Product Features

CROSSNET: World’s first version of volleyball and four-square combined into a competitive four-way outdoor game. Where athleticism meets patience in this game played to 11, win by 2. ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The adjustable size makes the net suitable for any level of play from the casual player to the professionals. The net can easily be set to traditional women's (7'4"), men's (7'11"), and kids (7') outdoor volleyball heights. QUICK SET UP: Easy set up within minutes and ties to the ground for added stability. Includes a boundary line for those close calls, so go and challenge your friends at any time in any place. GRAB & GO: CROSSNET is the perfect on the go outdoor game. It's easy to take anywhere with the portable carrying backpack and is great for all ages. Play this unique volleyball/four-square game with kids, friends, parents on the beach, in the backyard, at the park, or any outdoor event. ALL INCLUDED: CROSSNET comes in a complete set with a carrying backpack, pump, boundary lines, rule book, ground ties, and volleyball.