CROSSNET Four Square Volleyball Net and Game Set with Carrying Backpack & Ball

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Product Description

A Volleyball net and game set can be a great investment for a group of new players or an experienced player who wants to give himself some serious practice. Even better than this, these can be a great gift to a friend. When you have one of these, you are not only getting the benefit of a quality net for your volleyball game, but you will also be getting yourself a great game set to keep your volleyball accessories safe, clean and easily accessible.

For the beginner or the seasoned volleyball player, a net is an essential part of your equipment. Without netting, there will be no place to hang your pads from. This includes volleyball shoes, shin guards, chest pads and any other pieces of equipment you may need for your game. If you plan to use the net more than you play, make sure you take along all your equipment as well.

Of course, when you are buying a net, you want to make sure that you get one that is durable and easy to clean. There are many different net sizes and shapes available. The first thing you need to decide on is whether you will buy the net set or a net separately. The best way to decide is to figure out how much space you have to work with. If you are just going to be using the net occasionally for a game, you will probably want to buy the set.

The next decision you have to make is whether to purchase a volleyball net and game set that comes with a net strap or you will need to purchase one separately. A net strap attaches to the net, allowing you to tie up your nets during games, tournaments or even practices. It can also attach to the base of a table if you don't want the net itself to be attached. The net strap should be strong enough to withstand the amount of pulling and holding that you will be performing on it during your volleyball game.

If you decide to purchase the net and game set separately, you will need to know the measurements of the court in which you plan to play. Measure the width and length of the net and court. If you live in a small area with limited space, you may want to choose a larger net than you would if you were playing on a professional court or a larger one if you live in a large city or town. The net should have enough room for you to move around freely without tripping on your net.

You will also need to decide what size net you will need. A net should have enough width for you to pass the ball easily, but not enough length for your whole body to pass through. or block the ball.

Once you have decided how big your net is going to be, you will need to choose a color and design. Some popular colors include green, yellow and pink. Make sure you take note of the net strap and padding color too.

Finally, you will want to consider the size of net and game set when purchasing the net. If you are planning to use your net for the occasional games, you may want to buy a set that comes with a small net, while if you are a regular player, you may want to purchase a larger net and game set.

You will also want to consider the style of volleyball you plan to play as well as where the game will be played. This will help you choose a game set that best matches your preferences.

Finally, you will have to think about the accessories that accompany your volleyball net and game set. Most sets come with a holder for volleyball balls, a new case, a wristband, and a whistle.

There are a lot of options available to you when you choose the right volleyball net and game set for you. Choosing the right one will help ensure you enjoy playing volleyball for many years to come.

Product Features

CROSSNET: World’s first version of volleyball and four-square combined into a competitive four-way outdoor game. Where athleticism meets patience in this game played to 11, win by 2. ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The adjustable size makes the net suitable for any level of play from the casual player to the professionals. The net can easily be set to traditional women's (7'4"), men's (7'11"), and kids (7') outdoor volleyball heights. QUICK SET UP: Easy set up within minutes and ties to the ground for added stability. Includes a boundary line for those close calls, so go and challenge your friends at any time in any place. GRAB & GO: CROSSNET is the perfect on the go outdoor game. It's easy to take anywhere with the portable carrying backpack and is great for all ages. Play this unique volleyball/four-square game with kids, friends, parents on the beach, in the backyard, at the park, or any outdoor event. ALL INCLUDED: CROSSNET comes in a complete set with a carrying backpack, pump, boundary lines, rule book, ground ties, and volleyball.