GeWeDen Replacement volleyball net Replacement Netting System Standard Size (32 FT x 3 FT) Poles Not Included

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Product Description

What You Need to Know About the Different Parts of Portable Volleyball Sets

Many players like to have portable volleyball sets as a backup or practice choice. If you are one of these people, then you will definitely love a portable volleyball set. You should know that there is some great gear for this type of game and I am going to show you what you should be looking for to find the best volleyball equipment for your needs. First I want to talk about the volleyball balls.

Balls: Most outdoor volleyball sets will include a volleyball, but do not expect to get a high quality ball from a cheap set. The quality ball can either have a soft rubbery feel or a much harder outer shell than a regular volleyball. I would recommend a softer type of feel for more beginner level players. When you are playing in a high level team setting, you will want something that is a little harder to throw but still provides good control over the ball. This will allow the other players to work on their skills.

Hand Grips: A lot of time is spent on hand placement when playing volleyball. I suggest using a palm strap when playing this type of game. Hand straps are made of a rubber material and are held together with a small strap. You will want to wear a wristband to hold your hand tight while throwing the ball. I use this grip when I am just learning how to throw a ball.

Volleyball Shoes: It is important that you make sure that the shoes you are wearing are made for volleyball. Your shoe should be constructed with a rubber sole and provide good balance. Also make sure that they fit well so that you can have easy movement when playing.

Volleyball Mats: These will come in handy especially if you are in a gym setting. These are great to use because they provide an excellent surface to bounce the ball off of and give you a good grip. A good floor surface will make the playing experience so much easier.

Volleyball Bags: These are the next type of sports equipment that will come in handy. You will find that these are available in all different sizes and colors to suit your needs. These bags can store other things such as water bottles, water, extra balls and any other items that are needed for the game.

Accessories: When you are shopping for your set you may want to include some of the other accessories that you think might be useful. I have a few different types of bags that I carry with me to practice in which include a rolling bag and a large shoulder backpack.

These are great accessories to consider adding to your set so that you have everything that you need to practice and play volleyball. I personally like to have two different sets, a basic volleyball and then a heavy weighted volleyball for those really high level games. Remember that it does not have to be a huge expense to get everything that you need.

Volleyball: If you are a beginner I recommend that you start with a small set to get some quality practice in before you jump on the bandwagon of buying a bigger set. As you get more experienced you can then upgrade to a larger set.

One thing you will need to purchase with your volleyball shoes is an o-ring. The o-ring can be used to protect your feet as well as to help keep the flooring from absorbing some of the impact that you are putting on it.

You should also invest in some other accessories as well such as a whistle. a headset so that you are ready for any situation that may arise during a game. As you grow and improve, you will probably need some sort of support from the coach if the other players on your team are better than you.

I hope that by now you have learned a little bit about these above materials so that you will have a better understanding of what you need for indoor and outdoor. I would encourage you to continue your search for the right set for you.

Product Features

Professional Volleyball Net -- Official regulation size: 32 FT x 3 FT. Not only suitable for training and match, but also for recreational sports games. Durable Volleyball Net Replacement net only-- Made of high quality polyethylene, PVC material. This net is wrapped of four sides PE fabric, double sewing, attractive and durable. Easy to Install -- GeWeDen volleyball net comes with a steel wire / steel cable on the top, and there are four grommetes and four ropes on corner of the net. Easy to pull straight and fix. Multi-purpose sport nets -- Multiple uses, it can as pool volleyball net, beach volleyball net or yard volleyball net, perfect for school, family, sport, party and other games. Flexible and Portable -- Come with a reusable carry bag, you can fold the net for storage. Perfect for garden schoolyard backyard beach outdoor / indoor games with your family or friends, to make everyone enjoy the fun of volleyball games.