Glow in the Dark Volleyball and Other Novelty Items Can Work Regularly in the Water Or Under All Kinds of Weather

Is there a way to make your volleyball ball glowing? It would be amazing… I would be very surprised. But we can do something about it. Here are some ways on how to add a nice, strong beam to the bottom of your net.

glowing volleyball

Night Time Pool Volleyball: Using a lighted, waterproof floating light in your pool during nighttime can really create a lot of extra fun and excitement for playing. Most of us love the thrill of the beach volleyball when we are playing in the dark. The bouncing, jumping, weaving and all the exciting play makes it so fun and exciting! But you can do that only when you have the right kind of ball! So when you go shopping for that perfect beach ball, make sure it’s a good quality one made from polyethylene that’s safe to use even in the pool.

Glow in the Dark Beach Ball: Using a glow in the dark beach ball is pretty much the same as using a regular colored ball. A glow in the dark beach ball is usually made of a high-intensity red LED and ballasts designed specifically for nighttime play. The main difference between a regular beach ball and a glow ball is its ability to glow under the night’s bright illumination. These balls are great when used in tournaments as it adds a real element of excitement. They’re also quite useful during camping trips when you don’t want to expose yourself to the sun.

Portable Glow in the Dark Beach Ball: When you shop for glow volleyball, you get an assortment of choices. You can buy either a one or two-row system… click image to see more on this. If you have only one beach ball rack, make sure you choose a row system so that you can get maximum visibility in the dark. Many of these systems can go from floor to ceiling with no trouble.

Laser Glow in the Dark Beach Ball: A laser glow in the dark volleyball is a great addition to any home or portable set up. Some people even use them at tournaments as additional lighting for viewing the games. Laser ballast makes it possible to get maximum visibility in the dark and is great for when playing late night sports. This system is usually powered by a standard outdoor led light.

Pool Party Lights: Don’t hold your pool party without the addition of some really cool pool party lights. Use one ballast or multiple balls with multiple glow bulbs to create lots of soft, colorful light with a simple remote control. With the pool party atmosphere, you want to add as much fun and color to your party as possible, not just for the entertainment of your guests but also so you can better work on your cover. With pool party lights, you can do both.

Ballast Rides: Have fun with some bounce houses and let your kids go crazy with the bounce houses that are built into the inflatable LED light. Each glowing ballast is made with an extra long spring so they can bounce up and down without coming apart. This allows for multiple bounce houses to be used at one time without anyone getting left out.

All above mentioned items are easily found on the Internet and you can see pictures of each product. With this wide range of products available, there is no reason why you can’t find exactly what you need. Just keep your eyes open, find what works for you, and start saving money on these items that can work as both a decoration and a light source. You can order the glowing volleyball above and order it under most holiday circumstances with the same great results as you would get from purchasing any other glowing ballast or glow-in-the-dark item.