GlowCity Glow in The Dark Size 5 Soccer Ball-Black Light up Soccer Ball Edition-Illuminates with Super Bright LED Light-Official Size and Weight Ball

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Product Description

GlowCity is proud to provide some of the most inventive and user friendly LED Sports Products on the market. Our LED Light Up Special Edition Black & Orange Soccer Ball is a wonderful example of exactly that. We stand by all of our products and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Light Up black soccer ball using LED lights by GlowCity Light Up black soccer ball using LED lights by GlowCity

GlowCity LLC Light Up LED Black & Orange Soccer BallGlowCity LLC Light Up LED Black & Orange Soccer Ball

GlowCity LLC Sports Ball Replacement LightsGlowCity LLC Sports Ball Replacement Lights

Smart LED or Impact LEDs

Each Soccer Ball will include Two Smart LED’s with batteries included that will work on impact to conserve battery life. Once you’re done playing the lights will shut off.

GlowCity Light Up Black LED Soccer Ball Size 5

Impact Activated – Lights Up When Kicked Or Bounced

As soon as you kick or bounce this soccer ball it instantly lights up with a bright red orange glow. The product will remain on for about 40 seconds until you kick it again. Our light up soccer ball uses two Hi-Bright LEDs that have replaceable batteries. This is not like other glow in the dark products that you have to keep putting under a light to charge the glow material. Ours are battery powered and will last several hours before needing to replace the batteries.

Impact activated, Lights up during use

Includes Two Hi-Bright LED’s installed on opposite sides of the ball

Batteries are included as well as replaceable

Durable and works great for all levels of play

Water resistant, will continue to work in the rain or dewy fields

GlowCity LLC Light Up LED Black & Orange Soccer Ball Battery Change

GlowCity LLC Light Up LED Black & Orange Soccer Ball Battery Change

light up black soccer ball

light up black soccer ball

GlowCity LLC LED Light Up Black & Orange Edition Perfect Present

GlowCity LLC LED Light Up Black & Orange Edition Perfect Present

light up agility cones

light up agility cones

Batteries Included & Changeable

Included in your package will be a tool to change the batteries when needed. The first set of batteries will be pre-installed and ready for use upon arrival. All you need to do is pump the ball with air. Once your ball is full of air just bounce it and the ball will light up.

Durable Quality

Our LED Soccer Balls are durable enough for all levels of players. This is not just your average soccer ball. Our soccer balls are tough and made with good quality material. They are perfect for game use especially when it starts turning dark outside.

Great & Unique Gift Idea

Wondering what to get that soccer fan this holiday season? This is the perfect unique gift for all ages. You’ll be the star of the holiday season when your friends and family open their light up soccer balls!

Great Add On Accessory

Be sure to check out our Light Up Agility Cones (sold Separately) they are great for marking boundaries and goals for your soccer games.

SMART PLAY LIGHT ACTIVATION-Includes Two Hi-Bright LED’s that turn while being played with. As soon as you bounce or kick the light up soccer ball. These are not like other glow in the dark balls that have the material that glows from light. These illuminate from within the soccer ball allowing the entire ball to light up. They are so bright that they can be seen a few hundred yards away. Making our glow in the dark soccer ball fantastic for those times when games run late.
READY TO GO, BATTERIES INCLUDED-Batteries are Pre-installed and your LED lights are ready to fire up Just fill the light up soccer ball with air and you’re ready to own the night. We Provide Long Lasting Batteries which will last you over 40 hours of playing time. When that time comes to change out the batteries you will be provided a battery changing tool and instructions for easy replacement.
QUALITY AT ITS FINEST-GlowCity is not just a logo, when we put our brand on our products it’s a stamp of reassurance that you know that your going to get a quality product. Our Light up soccer balls play just like normal balls. They are made from quality materials that are meant to last. Our Light up soccer balls bring a whole new dynamic to the game we love Soccer. They make great soccer gifts for boys and girls of all ages and even great for a fun glow in the dark soccer game.
OFFICIAL SIZE AND WEIGHT-Our Light Up Soccer Ball is Official size 5 ball and correctly weighted to the regulation size 5 balls. The Size 5 soccer ball is the size that’s used most in all the different size soccer balls.
FIRST CLASS CUSTOMER SERVICE-Headquarters right here in the USA GlowCity strives to provide the best customer service to our customers. We provide a 60-day hassle free repair/replace guarantee on all our products.

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