How To Choose The Right Volleyball Protective Gear?

Volleyball Protective Gear

How To Choose The Right Volleyball Protective Gear?

One of the most commonly used protective gears in volleyball which supports and guards the lower legs is knee supports. They aid in providing additional support to the injured knee by absorbing shock. Knee supports reduce the pressure on the injured knee and increases your comfort while playing or training. It is important to choose the right knee support for you. Some of the best knee supports are gel padded, laminated and padded mesh. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Another most common and popular Volleyball Protective Gear is the wrist brace. They are specially designed to absorb impact to help prevent injury. A wrist brace improves hand-eye coordination and posture which are two essential aspects of volleyball sports.

Wrist supports and sleeve pads are part of the basic Volleyball protective gear. There are two basic styles of sleeve socks; flat and adjustable straps. The adjustable straps are made from polyester webbing which makes it more comfortable to wear. Most advanced volleyball players prefer adjustable straps as they offer more flexibility.

A helpful piece of Volleyball protective gear is the knee pad or wrap. They are designed specifically to reduce the effects of knee injuries especially in sports such as tennis, badminton and table tennis. This pad is specially designed to offer support and maximum comfort to the injured area. These pads also serve as a good alternative to the brace when injuries are very prominent. These pads are useful for soft games and during off days.

Wearing Volleyball protective gears such as knee pads and sleeves not only prevents injuries but also helps in increasing endurance and fitness levels of players. This is because these pads relieve muscle aches and spasms that usually occur during strenuous sports. When wearing these pads, sportsmen avoid injury by adopting healthy lifestyles. Sports that require physical activity such as volleyball require proper body mechanics and correct postures.

The benefits of using Volleyball protective equipment have become very evident. All sports enthusiast would agree that injuries resulting from accidents are very common. The chances of getting an injury increase if you play sports like badminton, tennis and table tennis. While playing these sports, chances of knee, ankle and back injuries are high. This is why many sports enthusiasts including athletes and sports professionals prefer to wear protective gear such as knee pads, wrist supports and sleeve pads during sports.

While playing sports like volleyball, your body can take a lot of shock and trauma especially from hard hits. This can result in sprains, strains and bruises. Wearing protective gear during sports could reduce the possibility of sustaining injuries. This could be especially true when playing outdoors where the weather is unpredictable. While wearing such gear, you can be assured of fewer injuries that can prevent you from playing your favorite sport for long.

A great way to ensure that you get maximum protection is to go for a branded sports protective gear such as NOC. The NOC brand is very popular because its products are designed with the users’ safety in mind. Products from this brand come with padded shoulder straps, fully lined breathable fabric, Velcro fasteners and pockets that can carry keys, watches and other valuables. Made from polyester and Denier polyester fabric, these pads are made to absorb impact and minimize bruises and sprains.

While buying Volleyball BodyProx Skins and Headguards, look out for the features and materials such as the fabric that they are made of and the ergonomic design of the body padding. You can also choose from NOC’s range of mesh, leather and breathable fabric pads. Choose between nylon mesh, high density foam, PVC membranes and the standard cotton mesh.

Another essential piece of sports equipment that you should not overlook when preparing for your next volleyball match is the Body PROX Skins and Heads. These Body Prox Skins and Heads offer an ergonomic design that will fit perfectly over your competitors uniform. This will also ensure that your head is protected from injuries and cuts. Made from durable nylon fabric, the Head Guards feature mesh side panel and mesh front panels to provide the ultimate fit. They feature an adjustable elasticized waist for a snug fit.

The NOC Body ProX Secure Skins and Arm Sleeve fit snugly on your competitors torso, whilst offering the same level of protection. This is the ultimate choice if you are looking for a complete sports kit, with padding and all the other essentials to make you comfortable during your game. For added convenience you can also purchase the optional padded shoulder pad. The NOC sport pad and shoulder pad also came in a breathable padded arm sleeve, which will help to add comfort and reduce the amount of sweating you feel during strenuous exercise.