Ice Hockey – What Are the Basics of the Game?

Ice hockey is a popular contact sport played on an ice surface, usually at an ice rink, where two teams of skates use their sticks to collide with each other, often with the goal being to score more goals than the other team. Ice hockey has evolved from its humble beginnings as a way for workers to go to work during the colder winter months. It has become an internationally recognized sport and there are many different levels of play from novice to professional.

Ice Hockey

Growing up in Canada, I watched Ice Hockey every single night growing up. My father played the game for us and it became a big part of our lives. We even had a small ice hockey bench in our basement so that our friends could get together and have some fun. The rinks were sometimes below ground and they were often given a bad reputation due to fights and other issues. My family didn’t have much money so we didn’t really consider the rinks much of a priority, but watching Ice Hockey was always a great source of entertainment for us.

Many of us can recall being excitedly excited about the prospect of taking a break from school and going out for some Ice Hockey. The Ice age was 10 feet deep and we often came home from school and went to our beloved Ice Skating Rink. Once the game started, we would all compete against each other for prizes and sometimes lucky draws. The first player to make it to the crease was usually the winner. It was a real thrill to see that young children could compete in the Ice Hockey game and it was even more fun when we would watch others play the game.

As a child I remember getting the first real set of Ice Hockey Sticks. My father had bought them at the local hardware store and they were fairly cheap. I used them religiously throughout those years. There were always a few guys that came around my house that had the same sticks that I did and needless to say that they were our favorites. Many people may not realize that hockey sticks are extremely expensive and if you buy the wrong ones then you could end up with blisters or even injury. This was back in the days when kids didn’t have the budget to buy top quality equipment.

What most people don’t realize is that your choice of hockey sticks greatly affects your level of play. Different sticks hold different shots, some are quicker and heavier than others. Some players would skate with their stick, while other would use their stick for a shot. Some players would hold their stick with one hand, while others would grip it tightly with both hands. When deciding which type of stick you would want to play with it is important to consider your personality.

It’s a sport that requires a lot of determination and hard work, both physically and mentally. One of the hardest things to overcome during the course of the season is the frustration that comes with missing out on a game. Most people tend to get frustrated when they miss a game because they feel like they weren’t good enough or just didn’t show up. Another way to eliminate these feelings is to stay mentally fresh. If you know that you are going to make your next game then you are already half way there.

Ice hockey sticks are made from very durable materials. They are made from carbon and fiberglass and they are almost indestructible. They will take a lot of punishment from being hit by a hard shot or being hit with a puck many times in a game. It is important to keep this in mind so that you don’t become discouraged when your stick breaks. Replacing it is always more costly than buying a new one.

It doesn’t matter whether you are playing in a recreational game or seriously taking part in the hockey sport, ice hockey can be a great way to stay in shape while you are at the same time having fun. This pastime can be a lot of fun as well if you enjoy competing. There are many ways to play as well as different levels of play. It should be easy for you to find an ice hockey group in your area that you can join and enjoy playing some great hockey.