Inkstone Volleyball Silicone Bracelets with

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This set of four inspirational Volleyball bracelets by Inkstone is inscribed with motivational sayings about hard work, focus, and determination. Each wristband features “Volleyball” word art on the front side, and a motivational sports quote on the other side. This variety pack includes 4 different bracelets with motivational themes: Determination, Believe in Yourself, Focus on Your Goals, and Push Your Limits. Designed for athletes and active people, these soft and flexible wristbands are made from silicone rubber and can be worn comfortably while training and working out. Just imagine having a set of volleyball bracelets that you can actually wear while playing volleyball! Gone are the days of removing your clunky metal jewelry in the locker room, so that it won’t interfere with your game. These stretchy wristbands won’t snag, add unnecessary weight, or throw you off balance. Not only are these bracelets stylish to wear, but they are incredibly practical and useful. Easily convert any of your volleyball bracelets into a volleyball keychain or wrist lanyard, simply by attaching a keyring! Now you can wear your keys around your wrist! There are so many ways to wear and use these versatile volleyball bands; that’s why they make such great volleyball gifts for volleyball players, volleyball moms and coaches. These one-size-fits-most wrist bands measure 8 inches around, and fit best on tween and teen boys and girls, and adult men and women. The unisex color theme will fit on him or her, and the assortment of color accents and motivational quotes means that the wearer can wear them in a variety of combinations.