Lacrosse – A Sport for All Ages

Lacrosse is an organized team sport played using a lacrosse stick, lacrosse ball, and a ball point pen. Lacrosse is the oldest known organized sport in North America, having its roots in a primitive lacrosse game played by the early indigenous peoples of the Eastern Woodlands (now northern New York) and by other native peoples of North America. The first recorded games of lacrosse were played on wood poles with two ends tied together. Originally, there was no regulation lacrosse game; players often used lacrosse sticks that were handmade, even for competition. Lacrosse became an international sport when it was first introduced to the United States.


There are many kinds of lacrosse equipment used in a typical lacrosse game, including special foul tacking strips designed to penalize fouls, and goalie masks or helmets that protect the player from being hit by the lacrosse ball. Lacrosse players also use the shoulder and elbow pads and shoulder and arm protection. Lacrosse accessories include pinnies that are used for icing, whistle-a-blowers, Lacrosse masks or helmets, and pucks. Lacrosse is played in public parks and other community facilities, but some homeowners prefer to create their own lacrosse fields.

Lacrosse is played outdoors on a Lacrosse court, and players use Lacrosse balls (which have holes in them) and Lacrosse sticks (which are longer than baseball bats). The sport is similar to baseball in some ways, but it has several unique elements. For instance, unlike baseball, there is not a designated position for each player on either team. Each player can play any position on the field, except for the goalie, whose position is normally left side, right side, or center field.

Another difference is that there is no base line in Lacrosse; it is completely up to the referee on the playing surface where the point of the goal is. This makes Lacrosse a very exciting sport to watch because the ref doesn’t have to settle the ball after it is scored. It is played with three teams on each side. Each team takes turns being on offense and defense. Usually lacrosse players practice for short periods of time, then take a break before playing again.

In North America, the sport has exploded over the past decade. It originally began as an Americanized form of French contact lacrosse. The rules of lacrosse have changed over the years, but the spirit of the game is the same. As children play the sport, they must learn respect for each other, have fun, and have exercise. Lacrosse is very popular in the high schools in North America.

Lacrosse has many interesting histories, including the fact that it evolved from the French colonists who brought it to North America. It has always been a part of the social and sporting life of the early settlers. As many as twelve thousand people gathered to play lacrosse at the beginning of each season. This started a tradition that would grow into a well-known sport enjoyed by families all across the continent. The game was a favorite amongst the settlers because it could be played in the sweltering summer heat and in freezing cold nights.

Lacrosse started out not being recognized by the United States government as a recognized sport. This meant that any team sports were not allowed to participate in organized tournaments. However, in nineteen seventy-one, the United States National Lacrosse Association was formed. Today, the US Lacrosse Team is one of the most respected teams in the world.

If you live in Canada and want to play lacrosse, there are many opportunities to do so. There are many competitive colleges and universities in Canada where intercollegiate lacrosse is played. If you are interested in playing this sport, you can check with your university’s athletic department to see if there are any teams available in your area.