Lacrosse: The Main Article

Lacrosse, or lacrosse pinnies, as it is also called, is a popular team sport. It is an organized sport, played using a lacrosse stick, a lacrosse ball and two goal nets. Lacrosse is also the oldest known organized sport in North America; however, with its roots in a Native American sport played by the early indigenous peoples of the Eastern Woodlands, specifically by the Menominee tribe, and by other indigenous tribes of North America. Today, it is played by men, women and children in many organized leagues. However, the game has exploded in popularity among college and high school athletes. Lacrosse has even been named the national sport of choice for the U.S. Olympic team.


Lacrosse has a number of unique characteristics that set it apart from other sports. It was named for a village in upstate New York called Lacrosse Island, which is where the sport was born. The original players of the sport were fishermen, woodcutters and mechanics who would go out into the village after dark to lacquer their catch for the evening. In recent years, the sport has gained recognition from major college and professional sports programs, and today there are more than 25 million people who play in organized lacrosse tournaments and leagues.

Lacrosse players wear lacrosse sticks made of fiberglass or aluminum, to reduce weight and increase performance. Lacrosse players use their hands, wrists and forearms to catch the lacrosse balls. The sticks they use are specially made to give each player the right grip. Since lacrosse sticks are specially designed, they can break easily but are extremely durable.

Unlike baseball and basketball, lacrosse does not have an offside rule. When a player commits a foul against the opposing team, he must run to the box to make an attempt to clear the ball. If he cannot clear the ball on his own, then another member of his team must be given the responsibility of clearing the ball. If the offending player cannot leave the box, he is considered to be guilty and will be assessed a penalty kick.

Lacrosse was introduced to the United States in 1875 and the first official tournament was held at the University of New York, campus in New York City. The very next year there were tournaments all across the country and today, the sport is played in over 35 countries around the world. There are numerous annual Lacrosse championships held throughout the United States and Canada.

The game is played with two teams each comprised of 12 players. The sport is played with an oval field that is divided by two goals that are placed about two and a half yards apart from each other. Each team has five players on each side of the field. The sport is played with lacrosse sticks which are usually coated with leather or polyurethane and are used by players as well as goalies.

The hockey-like sticks are used during lacrosse played. In addition, the ball players use stick and ball playing equipment including: mask, pinnies, lacrosse gloves, knee pads, shoulder pads, shin pads, head gear, jerseys, sweat bands, socks, helmets, and cleats. The stick is padded with soft foam for added control. The soft padding makes it easier for the ball players to shoot with their sticks.

Goalie equipment includes: two goalie masks, three goalie shirts, two arm pads, three shoulder pads, and two chest pads. The goalie’s helmet is usually made of foam and comes in several colors such as red, white, black, and blue. Since the game is played with two teams per side, there are separate dressing rooms for players. Lacrosse players wear white and blue uniforms while goalies wear black and white uniforms. So for those of you who don’t know what Lacrosse is, this should give you a good idea.