Maintaining Proper Shapes and Sizes in Men’s Volleyball Shorts

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Maintaining Proper Shapes and Sizes in Men’s Volleyball Shorts

A lot of men choose to wear men’s volleyball shorts during the summer months. Although you might be tempted to wear something more stylish like a short sleeve shirt, they aren’t as comfortable and don’t absorb sweat as well as shirts do. Wearing shorts instead of a shirt allows you to be more comfortable and not have to worry about sweating as much. It is also much less distracting when playing volleyball during the hot summer weather.

Most men’s volleyball shorts are typically made of either nylon or synthetic material. Nylon is the most common and preferred since it is very durable and will remain in good shape for several years. However, mesh and other types of synthetic materials are also available. Mesh shorts tend to be more comfortable to wear and also come with a stretchy waistline. Athletic shorts come without a waistline and always include an elasticized waist.

When purchasing men’s volleyball shorts you want to make sure that they will be of a proper fit. They should not be too tight or too loose. Since you won’t be doing a lot of jumping or diving in the sand during games, the type of shorts you choose is not as important as getting a good fit. Look for a comfortable fit in the hips and thighs, but try them on in the dress or jeans portion of your closet to see if they are comfortable.

Some shorts have a mesh lining, but most use a cotton or Lycra blend. The mesh lining helps keep the wetness away from the body, while still allowing air to circulate. The triangular mesh lining on some models can interfere with proper form when jumping or diving. If you frequently play these games, it would be beneficial to have the mesh lining on your shorts.

There are many different yoga and daily casual men’s clothing available, so finding the right shorts to wear can be a little tricky. Commonly seen asanas are performed in long sleeved options, but there are also cargo short options that provide more coverage. Both of these styles should have an elastic waistband to ensure that they don’t ride up, and are perfect for practicing or working out on the courts.

Most volleyball players prefer to wear a pair of athletic shorts, usually just for sports. Unfortunately, there isn’t much choice when it comes to athletic shorts. You can either choose a pair with a drawstring at the front, or a pair that doesn’t have a drawstring. Drawstring shorts, unfortunately, can be a little more uncomfortable than the others. They usually feature a thick, nylon and cotton blend, with elastic waistbands to help provide comfort and keep them from riding up.

Another common fabric used for athletic shorts is nylon and polyester blends. These fabrics are breathable and allow air to circulate, preventing sweaty conditions during exercise. However, many drawstring varieties don’t breathe very well and can be uncomfortable for the wearer. If you want the best type of moisture-wicking fabric for your workout, try to purchase one that features a breathable mid-section to help prevent perspiration from soaking through the fabric.

As mentioned before, not all men who play volleyball are comfortable with typical gym attire, like plain wristwatches or athletic t-shirts. Some choose to wear men’s volleyball shorts instead. This is because they offer a little more coverage without looking as though they’re trying too hard to project a professional appearance. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ll want to make sure that you get a pair of quality volleyball shoes to go with your new pair of shorts. Look for moisture-wicking materials and plenty of pockets on your new board shorts to keep your gear organized and ready for game time.