MAVIS LAVEN Volleyball Training Equipment Aid with Adjustable Waist Bel for Single Practice of Serving Tosses and Arm Swings

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Improve Doact Soccer Trainer Skills
Do not chase after the ball on the street or damage the garage! The Star Kick offers a hands-free challenge that allows players to maximize the number of touches on the ball, as well as improve reaction time and coordination with both feet. It can improve your skills to control the ball, shoot, pass, get, dribble, throw, goalie skills.

Children must be used under the direct supervision of an adult.
football not included.

Material: neoprene
Color: black and yellow

1 * 110cm Belt
1 * Ball sleeve
1 * 2.2 m elastic rope
1 * waterproof nylon bag

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【Comfortable and Size Adjustable around Waist】Pasted strap fits comfortably around waist. It can be adjusted to accommodate different waist sizes.
【Adjustable Length】Elastic double reinforced cord is adjustable in length. For optimal serve training we recommend finding the optimal height for your height and adjust the cord accordingly.
【Fits Any Volleyball】Neoprene pouch with adjustable length holds standard volleyball or beach volleyball. It could even hold soccer, water ball or basketballs. This pouch is attached to an elastic cord that is attached to the paste waist strap.
【Great for Single Training】With the aid it becomes very easy to practice arm swing technique and tosses multiple times in a row. The elastic cord guides the ball back after every swing. No need for interrupting the training in order to fetch the ball. Multiple fast repetitions in a row get you in a state of rhythm: this makes it easy to perfect technique through quick feedback.
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