Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody

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Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody - Women's Specific Cut

Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody

The Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody is superior mens and womens specific jacket. The topographical attributes of the fabric make it exceptionally versatile. Its unique combination of dryness and insulation characteristics makes it a low maintenance workhorse, which will last much longer than typical work garments.

The fit of the Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody is exceptionally slim. This cuts down on chafing and keeps your hands and feet warmer. In addition, the narrower sleeves are more comfortable for extended wear.

The Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody is made from a highly breathable, water repellent twill. The fabric is woven from high density polyethylene (HDPE), a resilient material with excellent insulating qualities. Because of its quality and ability to keep warm in extreme cold, the fabric is ideal for outerwear.

The material doesn't use any synthetic fibers, such as acrylic. It has a high level of moisture and mold resistance. It is highly textured so that the fabric is less likely to "bounce" on impact, minimizing the risk of chafing.

The most functional attribute of the fabric is its moisture and mold resistance, both factors that are important to any garment worn by women. High moisture and mold resistance are especially important in warm weather work garments. This is particularly true when working in cold climates. Other protective features include flame retardant finishes, plastic sheath pockets, and a removable hood.

The Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody has two main front zip pockets: one for storing smaller items, such as keys, and one larger pocket that is very useful for storing extra clothing or gear. The pockets have a zipper for ease of use and fastening.

Because of its lightweight design, the Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody can be used in the snow or slush. The high tear strength enables it to stay on well in wet conditions.

The dual-layer construction provides an extra wide torso to provide insulation against wind chill. This helps to keep your temperature at a consistent level throughout the entire day.

A double front hood is a standard feature on the Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody. This helps prevent the wind from blowing your face out. It also adds warmth against the cold wind.

The polyester/cotton mix is fully washable for easy care and does not shrink or lose its shape. This is especially useful in outdoor situations where dirt accumulates and is difficult to remove. It dries quickly and looks clean when you're done with cleaning.

Because of its women's specific cut, the Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody can be worn with an undershirt underneath. The hood's design allows it to breath, while still trapping air so that a lightweight sweater or outer layer is the only thing that should touch the outside of the jacket. The hood is easy to open and close, and is made from breathable mesh for optimal warmth.

The Mizuno Pro Full Zip Hoody is the ultimate in combination jacket and undershirt. It is versatile, lightweight, and easy to care for. It is a jacket that will last you a lifetime.

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