NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED When Kicked Volleyball INCL. Ball Pump and Spare Batteries -Glow in The Dark -White/Orange

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NightMatch Glow In The Dark Volley Ball Volts Review

NightMatch has a brand new line of Volleyball Volts lights that they've developed. It seems that their basketball Volleyball product line has found a niche in the lighting world. They are a leading innovator in LED Volleyball Volts, and a team of engineers have designed the first LED Volleyball Volts.

NIGHTMATCH Light Up LED Volleyball

LED Volleyball Lights is extremely bright. Because they are so bright, I can use one of these lights to alert others that there is an intruder in my home while I am sleeping. In addition, I would be able to see them while I was asleep.

The good news is, they glow in the dark as well. I could turn the glow on, then kick the ball to my teammate, and the glow would light up as the ball was kicked. I could even wake my roommate up if we weren't home.

NightMatch Light Up Glow In The Dark Volley Ball Volts comes with some really cool features. The Glow light works like an LED light bulb that shines down from the top, but it doesn't need any power. I could kick the ball and get a great display of LED light, while I slept.

Inside the Volleyball Volts are LED's that are very bright. They appear to glow through the whole unit. This means I can see them even when I am not in the room. I would be able to check out what was going on outside the door.

One nice feature about the NightMatch Light Up Glow In The Dark Volley Ball Volts is that the LEDs are in an invisible bracket inside the Volleyball Volts unit. No lights are on inside the bracket, but the lights are invisible. This makes them easier to see while you are playing.

The glow inside the bracket can change as well. You can turn off the glow or turn it on, depending on what you are doing. This is great because it means I can set a timer, or set myself a goal to light up the bracket.

Inside the bracket is a circuit board. The circuit board has an LED strip to make the bracket glow. The strip has a light in the middle. The strip glows, and the inside LED lights up when it passes the middle LED strip.

The circuit board is powered by a coin cell battery. It is rechargeable. I was able to get eight hours of light without recharging the unit. It is great to take a light out for the night, and have it last all night long.

The NightMatch Light Up Glow In The Dark Volley Ball Volts comes with a bunch of little extras. They include a dust cover for the brackets, a soft carrying case, and an anti-glare, anti-reflective coat. The coating makes it possible to use the night light no matter what the light conditions are.

I have read reviews that said the glow might be too bright, so I would advise caution. They have the ability to be on all night long, so you want to be sure you get the proper setting to fit your needs. Some people love the way they look, and some love the way they feel.

The glowing in the dark is very cool. I really like using the NightMatch Glow In The Dark Volley Ball Volts.

Product Features

IMPACT ACTIVATED LEDs - A high quality LED light located inside the volleyball make this ball light up and glow when bounced or kicked! It will only stay lit up when actively played and will automatically switch off after 30 seconds without action. There is no mechanical switch on the ball. This ball is much brighter than other “glow in the dark balls” you may find. They actively glow using battery powered LEDs - they are NOT just passively using fluorescence. BALL PUMP, BATTERIES AND EXTRA-SET OF SPARE BATTERIES INCLUDED - The ball is delivered deflated like most other balls. A proper standard ball pump is included to easily inflate the ball and you can use it for other balls as well! The ball comes with mounted batteries and is ready to play. An extra set of spare batteries is included additionally. The batteries will last about 30 hours of playing and are easy to replace. A tool and a manual are included to make battery changing even easier. HIGH QUALITY - This ball is not one of these cheap toys that will only last a couple of days. It plays just like a normal volleyball. It is made from high-quality materials, is very sturdy, durable and even waterproof! GREAT FUN - enjoy playing volleyball in twilight and dark. You, your kids, friends and even your volleyball team members will love it! The ball is very bright in the dark and can be seen from far distances! OFFICIAL SIZE & WEIGHT - This ball matches the official SIZE 8 and weight. It measures: Circumference = ~ 67 cm / 26 inch, diameter = ~ 21.3 cm / 8.2 inch, weight = ~ 280 g / 9.5 oz. Size 8 is the most commonly used size in volleyball matches worldwide. EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: NIGHTMATCH provides the best customer service available in the industry. NIGHTMATCH offers a full hassle free 60 day manufacturer replacement guarantee in the case that you as our valued customer are not satisfied.