Super Soft Volleyball Beach Volleyball Official Size 5

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Size: Circumference: 25.6-26.4in
Weight: 0.57-0.62lb (Lightweight No.5 Ball)
Material: PU (※Pneumatic pump is not included. ※The ball will be delivered with air removed.)

Durable multi-layer construction
It maintains high air pressure, does not blow up under strong impact, has excellent durability, and does not leak air even when used for a long time.

Light and soft surface
Adopting soft PU material, it is soft and lightweight for volleyball beginners, absorbs impact, reduces pain when receiving, and does not hurt when touching the body.

Air-tight inlet
It has a sturdy inlet, so it is easy to put air in and hard to leak. It has a waterproof valve, so it can be washed with water when it gets dirty. (※ It will be delivered with the air removed.)

Comfortable touch
It is used for volleyball beginners, children who are not good at balls and women’s volleyball because of its soft skin. It has excellent elasticity and absorbs impact, so you will feel it is less burdensome when you play volleyball.

Thick, high quality skin with excellent durability
It uses a high quality PU skin which is made thicker, so it is hard to break, and even if you practice for a long time, there is no risk of the surface breaking, so it is recommended as a practice ball for school physical education.

Waterproof and easy to care for.
The material of volleyball is waterproof, so the skin won’t come off even if it gets wet, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the ball even if it rains. You can also enjoy the beach.

*This product is delivered with air removed.
*Pneumatic pump is not included.
*Please use lubricating oil to inflate the soccer ball. Inserting the air needle forcefully may cause air leakage.