The Best Inflatable Ballpens and Ball Pumps

TorRX MegaDroid’s pre-loaded balls and attachments are designed to give your tossing and hitting skills a major boost. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, no matter what your game, you can benefit from using a high-performance ball device. The MegaDroid line features the most innovative technology in the market today. It is ideal for players of all ages because it is very reasonably priced. And best of all, it is very reliable and durable.


Accurate and easy to apply, the torrax smart auto pump infuses or deflates each golf ball into the correct air pressure. No more guessing, pumping, spiking, or deflated balls. You’ll know the correct ball pressure when the pump inflates the ball like a pump, with consistent, reliable control. You’ll love the air pressure control.

Needle breakage is one of the most common faults experienced by new golfers. This is mainly because the air inflates the golf ball too quickly. When this happens, the air can leak from between the ball and the Tee, causing needle breakage. But with torrx, there is no need for air to leak out, and this reduces the risk of needle breakage.

The battery is rechargeable through the same charger as the battery for the handheld version of the inflatable ball. One charge is good for up to three hours of play. This means that with a full tank of gas, you can play up to three hours without having to recharge the battery. And since it uses a lithium-ion battery, you can be assured of a long lasting life.

The golf driver in the torrx series features an auto mode which uses a precise pumping system to inflate the golf ball to the proper target pressure. The auto mode has four levels of pressure control. It starts off with a low setting which provides a realistic game experience. As you increase the auto mode, more air pressure is released, until it reaches its maximum level. Then it returns to its base level automatically.

The torrx series of pumps is compatible with most electric bottle style bottle openers. You can use your electric opener as a substitute if you don’t have an electric bottle opener. Simply switch the electric opener on, set the pressure desired, and inflate the soccer ball. It’s as easy as that. It’s a great way to play on the go with no need for additional storage.

The smart pump is one charge of the inflatable ball pump that offers a fast, quiet operation. In one charge, this smart pump can pump up to fifty soccer balls per minute. This pump has a one hour high-low setting to ensure continuous pumping throughout your tournaments.

A smart inflatable pump inflates a smart and durable inflatable so you can play your game anywhere. With a one hour auto dial setting, you can play throughout the tournament to keep your gas bill down. This gives you maximum flexibility to play on short notice. The torrx smart ball pump inflates quickly and stays inflated for a smooth, consistent pump every time.

The Smart Pump inflates in two steps: first, it will pump the balls. Then, it will deflate them. You’ll never miss an inflatable game because you were too preoccupied to run back and inflate them! A one full charge is enough to run fifty balls at once. If you think you might run out, you only need to replace the cap for one game. This will save you money and get you started again soon after a game.

It’s important to wear safety glasses when pumping the balls because the balls are highly pressurized. The high pressure could easily damage your eyes. However, the pressure does not harm your skin or your lungs. If you are concerned about being injured while playing the game, simply use a face mask.

The company that makes these wonderful ball pumps, Torrax, also makes an amazing lineup of products. Torrax gives you more than balloons and inflatable games. They have a great selection of air beds, inflatable trampolines, training cages, water wings and many other great products. Their air bed manufacturer also makes some amazing inflatable toddler beds as well.

When looking for a great air mattress pump, you should definitely take a look at the terrific line of pressure sensitive underlay. Pressure sensitive underlays keep your kids safe and comfortable. The pressure sensitive coating on the Underlay keeps the kids ball from bouncing and sliding right off the floor. These special underlays are made with the same material used in sports jerseys. The unique material absorbs the bounce, while keeping the kids in comfortable seats.