The History Of Lacrosse In The United States

Lacrosse is an increasingly popular team sport that is played by men, women and children alike. It is also one of the most popular high school sports in America. Lacrosse is an international sport played by men, women and children all over the world. It’s history is steeped in an ancient tribal games played by the early native peoples of the Eastern Woodlands, with an emphasis on a lacrosse ball and a stick. Today, lacrosse is played in a variety of different forms including American lacrosse, English lacrosse and Canadian lacrosse.


Lacrosse is played using a lacrosse stick, which has been shaped like a baseball or a football. The object of the game is to score points by retrieving the ball and catching it with your hands. The object of the game is to prevent the other team from doing so. Lacrosse can be played using any type of lacrosse equipment including; a ball, a net, special pads called goal pads and even shin guards.

Lacrosse originally was played with only a lacrosse stick, and thus the game took on the name “Lacrosse”. As time went on, the game was adapted for use with other types of equipment including pinnies (a rubber ball used to catch the ball), shin guards, socks and even eyewear. The sport is played using a ball that is lacquered with oil. This ball is typically made of steel or graphite to give it the right bounce when hitting with the lacrosse stick.

Lacrosse is played at public parks, community centres and even on streets. The sport is currently played in about 180 countries and it is a very popular recreational activity. Many people believe that lacrosse originated in America because of the fact that there were many lacrosse teams in that country during the colonial period.

The first official international game played between two nations was a United States vs. Canada Intercollegiate Lacrosse competition in 1875. Currently there are many international intercollegiate lacrosse championships that are played each year. Currently there are over sixty nations that compete in this sport and over one hundred different variations of this game. In addition, since the game is widely played throughout the United States, there is a wide variety of equipment that is used to play this sport.

As far as the history of lacrosse, there is little known. It is believed that the first American player to play this game was George Gainey who played for the New York Impact in the United States National Team. He is also said to have become the first American player to play lacrosse at the University of Toronto. It was also thought that the first game ever played was at Harvard University where the future US President, Theodore Roosevelt, was a lacrosse player. There are records that show that the United States had many teams playing lacrosse before the Second World War, however they were not internationally recognized. After the Second World War ended, lacrosse gained international status.

Lacrosse has been widely recognized throughout North America and even Europe. Many high schools in Canada play this sport and there are even clubs within the major cities of these countries. Lacrosse is commonly played in recreational and social leagues in these regions. This sport is very popular among young people in these areas and it is also commonly played in professional leagues. Lacrosse has now reached the point where it is even being considered as a high school sport.

Lacrosse can be played on an even level when players are under a certain age. In the United States, children as young as six have been known to play. They have been known to use lacrosse sticks that weigh less than two pounds. Since there is no regulation lacrosse equipment, it is very easy for younger children to get injured. For this reason, parents do their best to make sure that their child is never involved in any kind of lacrosse related injuries.