TidalBall Set

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Product Description

The Game

Total Weight: 10 oz.
Dimensions: 9 in tall by 3.5 in wide by 1 in. deep.
Best Compliment We’ve Received About TidalBall: “TidalBall is my favorite part of my beach house.”
2nd Best Compliment We’ve Received About TidalBall: “As a fair skinned redhead, TidalBall is the only reason I go to the beach.”

Played anywhere there is sand, TidalBall combines the competition of cornhole, the ease of bocce ball, and the portability of a turkey sandwich. It’s a beach game for all ages, from hyper kids to adult-beverage-toting “grown-ups.” The entire game is contained in a 10-ounce sand and water proof bag. The balls float, and TidalBall comes with four koozies. We need not explain the benefit of keeping your beverages cold.

The Rules
In the hole, 3 points. In the trench, 1 point. Four players, split into two teams. Teammates on opposing side, alternate tosses like horseshoes or cornhole. Classic cancel out / net scoring. For more detailed rules, check out the diagram above or just make them up as you go. TidalBall’s only rule is to have fun.


The Science is in the Balls

The right balls make all the difference. Full disclosure, when we invented the game, we started with golf balls. We quickly learned that golf balls are too heavy. Golf balls leave divots and tracks in the hard packed sand, and they are useless in the soft pack sand. Plus when a friend or family loses a golf ball in the ocean, it’s tough to enjoy the rest of the game. Although our balls are proprietary information, here are the details we can divulge.

Weight: Precisely engineered to play on hard or soft sand. They weigh less than a golf ball. More than a racquetball. Substance: American grown wood. After all, beach games should float. Finish: Two coats of paint and one sealant from the great state of Texas. TidalBall’s Origin
Born on the white sand beaches of South Carolina, TidalBall is the fun-loving low country brain child of a few friends that got tired of carrying cornhole boards and bocce sets to and from the beach. So we invented a lightweight, no-hassle beach game. We played for ten years. Taught thousands of people interested in the game that looked like so much fun. Enough people kept asking to buy our home-made sets, so we started making sets for other people. Then more people noticed, word-of-mouth started, and that’s how TidalBall got rolling.

Mesh Beach Bag
Made in USA
Portable Beach Game
Six Colorful TidalBalls (three for each team)
One Sand Scoop
Two TidalBall Koozies | Koozies are for winners