Tips On Choosing Volleyball Equipment

A sport that has been around since the early 1900’s, Volleyball has quickly become one of the most popular recreational sports in America and Canada. For this reason, many people are interested in joining a Volleyball Team or practice with other teams to improve their skills. Even if you are interested in becoming an official Volleyball Team Captain or just want to play in a recreational league, you will need Volleyball Court Equipment and Supplies. When it comes to Volleyball, everyone has shoes, shin guards, elbow pads, wrist guards, and other equipment that they use on a daily basis. However, to be competitive, you must also have the right Volleyball Equipment for your court.


Most athletic trainers in Rochester tend to recommend a full body kit that includes a volleyball ball, a net, and two to three Volleyball courts. Most physical therapy in Rochester for volleyball includes volleyball specific exercises. Any good indoor recreational basketball shoe is enough for the novice volleyball player, but the additional use of volleyball sneakers versus court shoes may result in more frequent ankle sprains because of the increased heel height for jumping. You should try out both types of shoes before making a purchase decision.

If you have never played volleyball before, there are a few basic pieces of equipment that all coaches seem to recommend: volleyball shoes, volleyball socks and tennis balls. Most coaches also recommend a basketball hoop, a Volleyball Court, a Volleyball Table, and a Volleyball Pen. There are very few coaches that would suggest buying used gym equipment because they are so expensive. Some coaches would instead suggest that you rent a volleyball court from an indoor gym in your area.

Every coach has different recommendations about what Volleyball Equipment you should not have. The only thing almost every coach seems to agree on though is that you should wear appropriate Volleyball Court Shoes. There are some exceptions to this rule but these include college and professional volleyball players on professional teams. For most people playing volleyball at home, they would probably want to wear something that feels comfortable and has good traction so that they do not get slipping and tripping on the wet court surface.

If you want to get into the volleyball equipment market, you should first look online. You will probably find that there are many online sporting goods stores selling Volleyball Equipment, including volleyball hammocks. You can probably find cheaper prices on Volleyball Court Shoes, nets and Volleyball Balls than offline vendors. This is because you are able to purchase them online and then the shipping is usually free or very low cost. This cost advantage is one reason why buying your Volleyball Equipment online is generally more affordable.

Many players also prefer to buy their own Volleyball Equipment other than what is usually offered by their coaches. A lot of professional and college players like to have their own Volleyball Equipment because it gives them the flexibility of being able to choose the style and model that they want. Having your own Volleyball Equipment will ensure that you always have at least one spare set of volleyball nets and you can also have two spare Volleyball Balloons. These are essential as it gives you the opportunity to practice in a variety of court surfaces and sizes without any problem.

Many Volleyball players also prefer to use Volleyball Equipment that includes an indoor putting green. Although the putting green has become a thing of the past, it is still a good idea to have one to practice your technique and improve your accuracy on the beach. The Volleyball putting green can also be useful if you are playing in an indoor court and do not have access to a good outdoor court. Many indoor courts do not allow players to play volleyball on grass which is necessary for indoor games.

Finally it is very important that you wear suitable Volleyball Equipment such as the correct Volleyball Shoes, Volleyball Cleats, Volleyball Pants and of course the Volleyball Helmet. The last four items of equipment should be the most expensive but they also offer the most protection so they are worth the money if you are playing volleyball. Most Volleyball players wear ankle braces when playing in indoor courts, but if you are playing in an outdoor court then you may not need to wear ankle braces.