Under Armour Women Court 3" Shorts

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Product Description

Under Armour Women Court 3 Shorts - The New Shorts of Choice For Summer

The Under Armour Women Court 3 Shorts are really the best choice for your cardio workout. If you're a fan of the foot shocker shorts then you'll definitely love these new versions of them.

The foot shocker shorts were originally designed to be used in the gym or when doing some cardiovascular workouts. The material wicks sweat and dries really fast. Plus they feel great against your legs.

Of course the material also works really well for what you're trying to accomplish. Like any athletic shorts, they won't give you the same support and stability that your normal training shorts provide. But at least this brand of athletic shorts have an extra layer of support and extra insulation between your legs and your skin.

But there's a bit more to these shorts than just the soft material. They're made from the same tough fabric as the brand's regular shorts, but unlike regular shoes, the padded area of the leg is wider, so it provides extra protection and cushioning for your lower leg.

The ankle strap and the design improve stability on the feet. For those who like to run or jog, these new models allow you to put on and take off the shorts with ease. You can easily remove the fasteners to keep them out of the way, then walk away and not worry about tripping over them.

The material wicks sweat and dries really fast. This is a huge factor for someone who does long distance runs or even for people who get sweaty from sweaty exercise. Now they don't have to lug their shoes around or risk damaging their feet because the Under Armour Women Court 3 Shorts will keep your feet dry and clean.

It's great if you want to stay cool, but still feel comfortable. They have soft cushioned on the inside, along with a mesh lining that helps keep your skin cooler. And they don't rub your skin either. No chafing, no irritation, just good comfort and breathable fabric to keep your skin cool.

Some women might want to wear a uniform blouse style of shorts, but their clothes don't have the luxury of soft padding. These women might like a smooth flatlock seam to prevent chafing. The new designs of the Under Armour Women Court 3 Shorts offer this style of smooth flatlock seam.

There are other new types of materials and styles of the mesh that you should take a look at. The mesh nylon covers in them has been produced in varying thicknesses to choose from. A slight variation in the material is better for people with oily skin because they'll be able to get the same degree of comfort that they'd get if they had oil-free skin.

If you are a little more delicate than someone who works out for a living, then you might be looking for something that's slightly thicker, but still a soft fabric. Or maybe a lighter but more absorbent type of mesh.

No matter how you want to look at it, these shorts will give you the best of both worlds: the ability to have soft comfort and a soft, smooth fabric, which keeps your skin dry and clean. Not only that, but the material wicks sweat and dries really fast, so you'll be able to start working out before your clothes are even dry!

If you like the idea of men's underwear made from a lightweight fabric and made from materials that make it easy to dry, then Under Armour Women Court 3 Shorts might be your ideal piece of workout wear. If you need a little more support for your knees, but you don't have oily skin, then you might find that they'll be a perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe.

Product Features

Soft, super-breathable construction delivers maximum comfort & durability Material wicks sweat & dries really fast 4-way stretch construction moves better in every direction Smooth flatlock seams prevent chafing Wide, low-rise waistband delivers just the right amount of coverage

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