Volleyball Protective Gear

There are numerous accidents relating to sports-related injuries each year; the most common of these being that of playing volleyball. This game is a contact sport that involves a lot of throwing, hitting, holding and head butting. As a result, it is extremely important for all players to wear the right kind of protective gear that is designed to protect their body in case they get hurt during a game.

Volleyball Protective Gear

One of the most common injuries players sustain when playing volleyball includes sprains, strains and ligament tears. A lot of time during training it is common for players to bear the weight of the volleyball along with their arms and hands. This causes them to develop strains and can lead to sprains. To prevent this from happening, it is important for players to wear a Volleyball Sleeve, Shin Guards, Brace and Braces.

A typical volleyball pad consists of two circular plates having a flat bottom, thick upper layer, elastic upper and one or more side grips. The pads can be used in place of traditional hand gloves and they are designed to absorb and deflect the impact of the ball. A lot of schools and colleges require the players to wear protective pads during practices and games. The purpose of using the sports pads is to prevent injuries such as strains and ligament tears due to repeated jumping, holding and throwing of the ball which can severely affect the muscles, tendons and joints.

Sports protective gear such as sports balls, sports bags and bodyprox volleyball pads are designed with an ergonomic design to fit the body perfectly. The ergonomic design comes with a number of advantages. One of the main benefits of ergonomic design is that it improves posture and reduces back pain and other injuries. The design also helps reduce stress on the joints and thus promotes overall health.

Bodyprox knee pads are made with an open webbed design that is breathable to enable ventilation. This is important because sweat builds up against the fabric of the gear causing perspiration and dampness affecting the performance of the wearer. When sweat builds up against the fabric, it tends to attract moisture resulting in stinging sensation and increased damage to the skin. The breathable fabric allows evaporation of the sweat which dries up quickly reducing the damage to the skin. Another important feature of the Bodyprox knee pads is that they are designed with straps that enable easy and quick access to the wearer’s leg areas during game time.

Another vital part of a volley ball kit is the protective pads. The chest and arm sleeves are essential for safety and comfort of the player. The Chest Sleeve is designed in such a way that it fits comfortably over the chest and fits securely over the arms to protect the tender area around the chest and shoulders. Some of the popular adjustable straps such as the “Z-fold” straps provide with added protection and enhance the feeling of comfort for the wearer.

The Knee Support is another essential piece of sports kit which is very important for proper and safe volleyball playing. It keeps the knee area safe from injuries and ensures that the knee cap does not slide during the game. This helps reduce the risk of knee injuries, particularly during running plays. These equipments are generally made of soft PVC vinyl materials. This material reduces the risk of abrasions to the knee cap, skin irritation and other possible injuries caused due to the rough texture of the material.

While these equipments are very essential for volleyball players, there are many more protective gear and sports apparel products available in the market today. This includes knee pad guards, ankle sprains, head gear etc. One can purchase them at online sports stores at affordable prices.