Volleyball Shoes – What Are Your Options?

Volleyball is a fast paced sport where the players use their feet to perform acrobatic actions. While this may sound like a great reason for wearing Volleyball Shoes, there are several other factors that come into play when choosing the right Volleyball Footwear. First and foremost it is important that the footwear offer excellent arch support, cushioning, and ankle protection for all the players in the team. It also helps the players to keep a good balance and take off smoothly as they move across the court.

Volleyball Footwear

Today, many people play Volleyball because they enjoy the physical aspect of the sport. However, many also take it seriously as a sport and compete in national and international competitions. In fact, there are now official Volleyball leagues around the world. If you are serious about taking Volleyball seriously and competing at competitive levels, then choosing the right Volleyball Shoes and attire is essential.

One of the most popular styles of Volleyball Footwear available today are the shoes with a gel-rocket midsole. The gel-rocket midsole provides excellent ankle support and cushioning for the ankles and knees. This type of footwear is manufactured by several top manufacturers such as Reebok, Nike and Adidas. A typical gel-rocket midsole will have some sort of traction lining and an insole constructed of rubber or metal. Many of these shoes use a trusstic system technology built into the soles to give the athlete maximum performance features while keeping weight to a minimum.

One of the oldest styles of Volleyball Footwear that is still used today are basketball shoes. Basketball shoes were not originally designed to provide optimum traction, support and comfort, but they have found a niche in the Volleyball Equipment market. A typical basketball shoe has a full sole and a rubber or metal midsole. The support found in a basketball shoe is provided by an arch supported bottom that has no lugging or extra material on the outside of the shoe.

Some of the newest Volleyball Footwear models include the Wave Bolt, the Bullet, and the Nocona Open. The Wave Bolt is one of the newest Volleyball Footwear models on the market as it incorporates a running back sole. It is made from a lightweight and flexible material which allows the back to move smoothly and the ankle is supported by a spring plate. When compared to other types of Volleyball Shoes, the Wave Bolt does not have a traditional outsole. The Wave Bolt uses a combination of leather and mesh to create a unique style of Volleyball Footwear.

The Nocona Open is another modern Volleyball Shoe model that comes in both men’s and women’s sizes. The Nocona Open is constructed of a mesh and leather upper and a synthetic midsole that offer extreme comfort for a full-body fit. The soft mesh and leather heel bed and the steel shank provide a comfortable fit.

The Bullet is the newest Volleyball Shoe on the market. The original Bullet was designed to mimic the bounce back action that a basketball player feels when he jumps. The new Bullet provides a combination of mesh, rubber, and a steel shank plate with a soft midsole and textured rubber on the outsole. These characteristics make the Bullet very comfortable to wear and easy to control. When compared to shoes such as the Air Flightpad and the Air Max, the Volleyball Shoes from Air Flightpad and Air Max is similar in many ways including the fact that they do have a running back sole.

The Nocona Open and the Air Bolt are two of the newest Volleyball Shoes on the market that incorporates a midsole waffle plate. This plate is located in between the top and bottom of the shoe. The waffle plate creates extra ankle support for all of your movements during play. These two shoes also have different support systems for different positions. For example, the Nocona open has a more standard ankle support system while the Air Bolt offers a firmer ankle support system.