What to Look For in Volleyball Protective Gear?

When it comes to Volleyball, one of the most important gears are knee pads. They not only protect the knee but also support and supports it. Knee pads provide you effective shock absorption on hard court surfaces and enhances your comfort during practice or match period. In fact, a good quality knee pad helps you play your best and improve your performance. So, without further delay, let’s check out some of the popular Volleyball Protective Gear in this article.

Volleyball Protective Gear

Knee Brace Another essential protective gear for volleyball players is knee bracing. Knee brace not only provides protection and support but also eases the pain. It reduces the pressure on the knee joint and reduces chances of sprains and strains. So, it not only keeps your legs and feet healthy but protects you from various injuries too.

Headgear is also an important piece of protective equipment for volleyball players. It prevents injuries to the head and plays a vital role in absorbing impact on the head. However, if you are very excited about playing and want to wear headgear for protection then you must first consult your physician. It is advised to start wearing protective gears even if you don’t feel any pain. This will help reduce chances of sprains, strains and other injuries. Always remember, prevention is better than cure.

Ankle Braces One of the popular and commonly used protective gear for volleyball players are ankle braces. Ankle braces are made up of either plastic or mesh and they provide excellent support and control over the ankle joints and the ligaments. Ankle braces come in two types; one with breathable padded arm sleeve and second with solid padding that remains on the leg.

Knee Pads Another important piece of protective gear for volleyball players are knee pads. Women wear knee pads that are stretchable. This helps reduce the risk of sustaining an injury during a game. A good quality knee pad must have arch supports to provide stability. While men’s knee pads are usually made up of mesh and elastic material. Mesh offers superior comfort and breathability and it can also prevent irritation and rubbing against the knee area.

Breathable Garment Pads is another piece of essential protective gear for volleyball players. These garments offer protection against sweat and moisture which may cause unwanted sores and blisters. Breathable material allows air to flow through the garment and stay in touch with the skin, thereby eliminating the risks of developing bacteria and fungal infections.

Sports Compression The best available knee pads and other Volleyball protective gear products use compression technology. Compression garments help in stabilizing the body and provide excellent support. These garments are designed in a way that when they are worn, the waist band and hip sleeves compress around the leg and thigh area. This increases the elasticity and reduces the chances of irritation and unwanted skin rash.

Socks The most important part of volleyball protective gear for women include arm sleeves and socks. Women players need to make sure that their socks and arm sleeves are thick enough to absorb the sweat from the skin. It is also advisable to have anti-bacterial powder applied to the sleeves and the base of the wrist.

Ergonomic Design One major factor that many users do not consider while choosing Volleyball Equipment is the type of fabric or other material that is used on the volleyball knee pads and other gears. Some people feel that using heavy synthetic materials on the Volleyball Equipment like the knee pads do not give the best comfort. However, research has proved that this is not true as ergonomic design of the equipment actually gives better comfort. Many professional athletes have testified to the effectiveness of ergonomic design of the gear.

Breathable Fabric It is very important to have proper ventilation when playing sports. However, using a cloth that traps sweat inside does not allow air circulation in the body. Therefore, it is always good to opt for breathable fabric Volleyball Gear like the bodyprox volleyball knee pads. These fabrics allow sweat and moisture to evaporate and avoid feeling wet and sticky at the same time.

Adjustable Straps Many people complain that traditional volleyball gear, especially the sleeveless sleeves do not give enough support. But, new ergonomic designs of the bodyprox sleeves feature adjustable straps that allow the players to adjust the fit as per their body size and body strength. Moreover, since most of these sleeves feature adjustable straps, players can also replace the straps with bigger ones to increase comfort level. In addition to that, the adjustable straps can also be taken off as per the need. Most of the modern designs of the bodyprox sleeves are also made with high quality materials like the polyester and Dura-Dry fabric that make them ideal for outdoor use. These materials ensure that players get optimum protection from injuries.