ZXFLTC Agility Ladder Speed Training Equipment-20 Feet Ladder,8 Disc Cones,5 Resistance Bands, Running Parachute, Skipping Rope-Boost Fitness,Improve Footwork in Soccer, Basketball, Football

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Product Description


ZVFLTC is a renowned brand in the fitness segment offering a variety of solutions. Our team here is driven by the core fundamentals of developing high-quality fitness solutions to help you improve your fitness levels and thus add value to your lives.

Among a lot of different products, we are glad to offer this All-in-1 AGILITY TRAINING KIT which is a collection of high-quality training tools for adults, youth, and kids to improve their fitness and agility in general or while participating in team sports which require alertness and quick footwork.

We are committed to helping you gain a competitive edge in various sports by demonstrating your speed, focus, and consistency.









This agility ladder measures 19.6 feet long and comes with 12 adjustable rungs made from high-quality plastics, nylon straps and has D rings for stakes.

The 12 flexible rungs can be moved up and down to alter the gap between rungs to suit your needs for basic training or higher difficulty levels.


The Resistance Parachute creates drag, forcing you to work harder which, in turn, builds overall strength. The parachute adds extra 18-35 lbs resistance.

Wade your way through the drag and get trained for both improved speed and strength in one exercise.


You can set up these 8 bright yellow colored training cones the way you like on the ground.

Start the first with a hand on it, run to the second and touch it then repeat the pattern with the following cones. Very critical to build control .



Date First Available‏:‎February 19, 2021

⚽BUILD YOUR FITNESS AND AGILITY: This agility training kit has been bundled to offer an excellent solution for adults, youth and kids to imrpove fitness and agility in team sports which require alertness and quick foot work. Gain a competitive edge in various sports like baseball, football, running, soccer, tennis, ice hockey, rugby by demonstrating your speed, focus and consistency.
🏈 PREMIUM VALUE AGILITY KIT: This is the most comprehensive, all-in-one agility workout set which includes a 19.6 feet long agility ladder with 12 adjustabe rungs, 8 Disc Cones, 5 Resistance bands, Running Parachute, Steel Core Skipping Rope, 4 metal pegs. To add value, we have included a carry bag to take it along or store safely.
🏀 VERSATILE USAGE FOR ALL AGES: This agility ladder and disc cones are ideal for beginners or professional athletes to help them improving speed, endurance, agility, coordination, quickness and overall athletic performance. Agility training for the elderly helps strengthen core joints to improve balance aid better mobility and movement. It’s great to improve mind and body coordination as you learn to focus on every move.
⚾ DURABLE AND EASY TO USE: We have built this agility training kit with durability to last long using premium quality plastics, nylon, steel and other materials. ZXFLTC speed and agility ladder with 12 rungs is fully adjustable to your requirements and features a tangle free design for your easy and convenient use. Get a perfect cardio session using jump ropes or train your legs to break through the drag of running parachute. It’s a comprehensive agility training kit
🏒 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: ZXFLTC is truly a remarkable company driving innovations to add value to its customers by bringing this comprehensive speed and agility training kit to its customers. If for any reasons you are not happy, just let us know and our customer service team will immediately resolve any issues. Go ahead and click “ADD TO CART” now and get this best agility ladder set today!